Buley Center Park

Serving the Whitely Neighborhood, the Buley Center is one of two community centers in Muncie’s park system though the Park Department only provides maintenance to the properties. Separated from McCulloch Park to the west by Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., a major arterial road, the Buley Center is also bordered to the north by the urban collector, Highland Ave. Accessible from Russey St., this center was built in 1975 on the former site of Longfellow Elementary School. One of Muncie Park’s only ADA compliant properties, this site primarily offers educational and active recreational opportunities. Outdoor facilities include a basketball court and a playground. A picnic shelter with picnic tables is available. The community center’s indoor facilities include a small gymnasium, meeting rooms, restroom facilities (including facilities for people with disabilities), and kitchen facilities. A paved parking lot consumes the southeastern ¼ of the property. A sign providing information about the Whitely Neighborhood is posted near the northwest corner of this property. In the last five years, a new park sign was installed and the Buley Center has established community gardens to the south of the community center. This is the first community garden in Muncie’s park system.

Located at:

Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Highland Ave., Penn St., & Russey St
Muncie, IN 47305

Muncie was deemed Middletown after Robert and Helen Lynd conducted sociological studies on our "typical Mid-American community." The studies drew attention to our city and since, we have been a continually studied town for social change in America.

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