Kitselman Trailhead

The City of Muncie is undergoing a redevelopment effort on its southeast side in one of the main gateways to the City.  Included in this effort is Phase V of the Cardinal Greenway complete with a new trailhead.  This initiative also incorporates the development of the Kitselman Energy Park on the site of a former brownfield and the realignment of Bunch Boulevard.

Overall View

Kitselman Trail Head Artist Rendering

Kitselman Trailhead and Park Plan View

Kitselman Trailhead and Park Plan View

Highland Park

Kitselman Trailhead Perspective of Bridge from Meadow Plateau

Built in 1928 at a cost of over $400,000, the Muncie Fieldhouse was built to house Muncie Central Bearcat basketball games. The Fieldhouse contains 7,635 seats, making it one of the largest high school gymnasiums in the country--a reflection on the importance of the game of basketball to Indiana.


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