Board of Electrical Examiners

Board of Electrical Examiners


  • Last Tuesday of every month at 2:00pm as needed
  • Located at the Muncie City Hall Building Commissioner's Conference Room

Sec. 153.01 Definitions

For purposes of this ordinance, the following words and phrases shall have the following meanings ascribed to them respectively.

Electrician - A person with a regular established place of business and who is engaged in the business of electrical contracting. That person, or if a firm or corporation, a member thereof, shall have passed an examination before the appointed electrical examiners, and shall have made a grade of 75, or better; in which case, he shall be granted a license which shall permit the person to engage in the installation, alteration, and repair of any electric wiring, devices, or appliances.

Journeyman electrician - Any person who has taken an examination before the appointed electrical examiners and shall have passed with a grade of 75, or better; in which case, he shall be granted a personal card that shall state his name, address, date of examination, expiration date, and that the holder thereof shall be entitled to undertake the work of installing, maintaining, altering, and repairing electric wiring, devices, appliances, and equipment in the employ of an electrical contractor.

Sec. 153.02. Board of Electrical Examiners

The board of electrical examiners shall be appointed by the Mayor and shall be composed of a member of the common council selected by the council president, one registered architect, the building commissioner, one master electrician with not less than ten years' experience, and one journeyman electrician with not less than five years' experience. The journeyman and master electricians shall be actively engaged in electrical work in the city. The journeyman and master electrician serving on the board of electrical examiners shall receive $2.50 each per meeting. (code 1968, S 132.201)


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Jerry Hoffman

Joseph Williams

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