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City Code of Ordinances(Codified through Ordinance No. 17-04)
Supplement No. 1(Published Jan 2005)
Supplement No. 2(Published Feb 2005)
Supplement No. 3(Published Nov 2005)
Supplement No. 4(Published June 2006)
Supplement No. 5(Published January 2007)
Supplement No. 6(Published November 2007)
Supplement No. 7(Published February 2008)
Supplement No. 8(Published October 2008)
Supplement No. 9(Published January 2009)
Supplement No. 10(Published July 2009)
Supplement No. 11(Published April 2010)
Supplement No. 12(Published December 2010)
Supplement No. 13(Published September 2011)
Supplement No. 14(Published June 2012)
Supplement No. 15(Published December 2012)
Supplement No. 16(Published March 2013)
Supplement No. 17(Published July 2013)
Supplement No. 18(Published April 2014)
Supplement No. 19(Published June 2015)
Supplement No. 20(Published November 2015)
Supplement No. 21(Published May 2016)


Ord 1210 Replacing Chap 97 City Code Tree Ord
Ord 12-10 041510 Replacing Chap 97 City Code Tree Ordinance
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Robert F. Kennedy visited Muncie in May of 1968. The Ball State men’s Gym was selected as the location for Kennedy’s speech; however there was much concern over filling all the seats in the gym. Conversely, the Gym was filled to capacity, with an estimated 9,000 people filling all the seats and the entire playing court, after playing waiting hours for Kennedy’s appearance.

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Office of the Mayor
The Honorable Daniel Ridenour

Muncie City Hall
Third Floor
300 N High Street
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(765) 747-4845
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