Doing Business in Muncie

Doing Business with the City of Muncie
The City of Muncie utilizes decentralized purchasing. Each department is responsible for actively pursuing vendors to supply the quality and competitively priced products and services. The City of Muncie also takes advantage of active State QPAs. To become considered as a vendor for the City of Muncie, please contact the appropriate department for your product / service. For non-department specific products/services, information may be presented to the City Controller's Office for review.City Ordinance governing purchasing.

It is said that John Dillinger, the infamous bank robber passed through Muncie in July of 1933. He did not rob any banks here because he was afraid of a train hindering his getaway plan.

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Office of the Mayor
The Honorable Dennis Tyler

Muncie City Hall
Third Floor
300 N High Street
Muncie, IN 47305
(765) 747-4845
8am - 4pm (M-F)