Industrial Revolving Loan Fund Board

Muncie Industrial Revolving Loan Fund Board
Information about the Board


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A. Membership Qualifications

(1) Eight people as follows:

(a) City attorney

(b) Community Development Executive Director

(c) A member of Common Council elected by Common Council

(d) A member of the economic set in accordance with those directions and the terms of the trust

(e) A representative of the minority community appointed by the Mayor

(f) A member of the Board of Directors of the Muncie Chamber of Commerce, nominated by the Chamber Board and appointed by the Mayor

(g) A member of organized labor appointed by the Mayor

(h) Trustee appointed by the Mayor who will serve as an ex-officio member having a voice but not a vote

(2) Director must be resident of the City

Board Member Information

Last Name First Name Term Appointed By
Mitchell Royce 1 year Mayor
Quirk Megan 1 year Mayor
Glicrest Roger 1 year Mayor
Bailey Terry 1 year Mayor
Quirk Alison 1 year City Council Rep
Teshima John 1 year Mayor
Williams Jim 1 year Mayor
Isom Ronrico


Baldwin Bruce Director

Additional Resources
09-08-10 Meeting Minutes

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