Industrial Revolving Loan Fund

Muncie Industrial Revolving Loan Fund Information

Created in 1977 as a federal grant to assist manufacturing to fund equipment, reals estate and employees. The MIRLF is administered by a seven member board including one non-voting representative from a bank for financial advice, a Chamber of Commerce appointment, a minority community appointment, an Economic Development Commission appointment, a City Council appointment, a corporate counsel appointment, a building trades appointment, and a community development appointment. 

MIRLF Fund Guidelines

Learn more about Muncie Industrial Revolving Loan Fund's Board of Directors, Membership Qualifications and meeting minutes. For additional information, contact Bruce Baldwin, Director. 

Muncie Industrial Revolving Loan Fund Application

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Muncie-Delaware County Microloan Program

The Muncie-Delaware County Microloan Program (MLP) is administered by the Muncie-Delaware County Indiana Economic Development Alliance in close cooperation with the Muncie-Delaware County Chamber of Commerce. It is a component of the economic development effort known as Vision 2016. 


Applicants with a comprehensive business plan can apply for funding from the original program where funds were obtained through a loan from the Indiana Small Business Development Corporation and a grant from the former Muncie Urban Enterprise Association. Funding is also available from a new program within the MLP financed by a grant from the Indiana Economic Development Council. This program is targeted toward minority- and women-owned businesses. 

Eligible Loan Activities:

Acquisition of fixed assets, such as land, buildings, equipment and working capital will be considered eligible for loan activity. Fixed assets can include renovation or construction of buildings, modernization of plant and equipment to allow for better competition and increase growth and site preparation. All types of businesses are eligible for MLP funding where there is an opportunity to create and retain positive employment opportunities for start-up, expansion or retention projects and there is a reasonably good chance that the loan can be repaid.


Ineligible Loan Activities:

Land banking or the construction of speculative buildings will not be funded. Depending upon the circumstances, loans which assist a company or individual in moving into the Muncie-Delaware County area from another labor area may not be funded. If for any reason, a loan recipient relocates the business outside the Muncie-Delaware County area during the term of the loan, the loan is immediately callable and due. Loans for investing in high-interest accounts, certificates of deposits, or other investments that do not result in the direct creation or retention of employment opportunities will not be funded. Loans that are to be used for the direct repayment of existing debt, prior to receiving the loan will not be funded. Loans that would involve a “conflict of interest” for any officer or employee of the Microloan Board or staff will not be funded.


Financing Policies:

Loans of up to $25,000 will be made to a single borrower ($10,000 for minority- or women-owned businesses utilizing the new program). A new business start-up must have a minimum of 20 percent cash investment into the project to be eligible to apply and use the MLP. All loans will be made with fixed interest rates which will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the loan administration board. Ideally, working capital loans are to be repaid within three years and fixed asset loans within five years. Payments on an amortization schedule of principal and accrued interest will be paid on a monthly basis typically beginning one month after the loan is closed unless an alternative arrangement is approved. Because MLP financing is designed to assist firms with special credit problems, special financing techniques may be required to meet credit needs of borrowers.



Proceeds of the MLP program cannot be used in conjunction with another loan program to finance a project and cannot be used for programs operated by cable television systems.



Applicants are encouraged to make contact with the Microloan Program Administrator to determine eligibility. Application and instructions are provided and there is a one-time processing fee of $100.00 per application. When returned, the application information will be provided to the Microloan Board for preliminary review to determine interest and eligibility of the proposed loan. After preliminary review, a Microloan Program Board meeting is set. Certain additional costs may also be assessed at the time loans are closed to recover any additional fees such as legal, filing, recording, title work, etc.



Todd Donati
Muncie-Delaware County Microloan Program c/o Muncie-Delaware County Indiana Economic Development Alliance
Horizon Convention Center
401 South High Street
PO Box 842
Muncie, IN 47308-0842
(765) 751-9106
(765) 751-9151 fax

Additional Resources:

East Central Indiana Small Business Development Center
Peggy Cenova, Director
(765) 282-9950

Rural Revolving Loan Fund

Information coming soon.

Board Members and Meeting Minutes:


  • As needed

Membership Qualifications:

(1) Eight people as follows:
(a) City attorney
(b) Community Development Executive Director
(c) A member of Common Council elected by Common Council
(d) A member of the economic set in accordance with those directions and the terms of the trust
(e) A representative of the minority community appointed by the Mayor
(f) A member of the Board of Directors of the Muncie Chamber of Commerce, nominated by the Chamber Board and appointed by the Mayor
(g) A member of organized labor appointed by the Mayor
(h) Trustee appointed by the Mayor who will serve as an ex-officio member having a voice but not a vote
(2) Director must be resident of the City



(All members are appointed by the Mayor of the City of Muncie with specific representation. Terms expire December 31, 2019)

Nick Tokar, DeFur Voran, LLP                          

400 S. Walnut, Suite 200, Muncie, IN  47305                                                     

(765) 288-3651 (W)   |   (612) 250-1552 (C)   |   FAX: 288-7068                                                              

(Chamber of Comm. Representative)    


Pastor H. Royce Mitchell

1901 N. Elgin Street, Muncie, IN  47303

(765) 631-2934 (C)   |   (765) 282-9290 (W)   |   (765) 282-1398 (H)

(Minority Community Representative)


Doug Marshall, Member, Muncie Sanitary District                                   

Muncie, IN  47304                                

765-702-7951 (C)                                                

(Economic Development Commission Representative)


Denise Moore, Secretary

2709 S. Blaine St., Muncie, IN  47302

765- 215-1660(C)   |   765-288-0025(H)

(City Council Representative)


Megan Quirk, Quirk Rivers & Hunter

117 East Main Street, Muncie, IN  47305

288-5035 (W)   |   FAX: 288-0205  

(Corporation Counsel)


Brian Haughn, First Merchants Bank

200 East Jackson Street, PO Box 792, Muncie, IN  47308-0792                          

378-8437 (W)   |   FAX:  747-1353

(Trustee Representative / non-voting member)


Terry Whitt Bailey, Chairperson, Community Development         

300 North High Street, Muncie, IN  47305

747-4825 (W)   |   749-4829 (C)   |   747-4898 (F)

(CD Director)


Kelly Watson, Building Trades

Muncie, IN 47302

765-282-6392 W   |   765-730-6115 C

(Labor Representative)


Staff Personnel

Todd R. Donati, Administrator                                                   

401 South High Street, PO Box 842, Muncie, IN 47308-0842                              

751-9106 or 288-6681   |   FAX: 751-9151    

Meeting Minutes:


January 2019

June 2019


February 2018

March 2018

October 2018

December 2018


March 2017

April 2017

May 2017

August 2017

November 2017


November 2016

Built in 1928 at a cost of over $400,000, the Muncie Fieldhouse was built to house Muncie Central Bearcat basketball games. The Fieldhouse contains 7,635 seats, making it one of the largest high school gymnasiums in the country--a reflection on the importance of the game of basketball to Indiana.


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