Licenses, Permits and Taxes in Muncie

Licenses, Permits and Taxes

Various offices deal with the license and permiting requirements for the City of Muncie. Listed below are some of the common offices and a general description of their licensing and permitting scope. Taxes are not generally managed at the City level. Detailed information on taxes can be found at the FederalState, and Countylevel.

Building Commission

Residential / Commercial Permiting and enforcement (for example: Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Signage)

City Controller

Many other licensing, and permits not covered by the Building Commissioner's Office or City Engineering. Examples include:  carnival, pawnbroker, precious metal dealer, Transient Merchant, etc. See the City of Muncie Code of Ordinances for a complete list of licensing requirements.

Delaware County Health Department

Septic permits, pool permits, tattoo parlor permits, and food permits. 100 W Main Street, Muncie Indiana (Second Floor). Map

City Engineer

Right-of-Way Use Permits, Streets, Sidewalks, Traffic Signals, Tent shows, Outdoor show, Circus, Street parades, and Code Enforcement (Street / Parking related)

Fire Department

Occupant Load Certificate

Planning Commission

The Delaware-Muncie Metropolitan Plan Commission (DMMPC) is the Planning Department for the City of Muncie and unincorporated Delaware County. (Board and Appointments). 100 W Main Street, Muncie Indiana (Second Floor). Map

Urban Forestry
The Urban Forestry division of the Muncie Parks Department manages the licensing of Arborist as part of the City of Muncie's "Tree Ordinance".  An Arborist License Application my be downloaded here.  A copy of the "Tree Ordinance" may be seen here.


It is said that John Dillinger, the infamous bank robber passed through Muncie in July of 1933. He did not rob any banks here because he was afraid of a train hindering his getaway plan.

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Office of the Mayor
The Honorable Daniel Ridenour

Muncie City Hall
Third Floor
300 N High Street
Muncie, IN 47305
(765) 747-4845
8am - 4pm (M-F)