City Court Office

About the Office

Honorable Amanda Dunnuck

Muncie City Court has jurisdiction over criminal misdemeanors, state infractions, and city ordinance violations. The court has geographical jurisdiction in Delaware County, not just within the city limits of Muncie.

Court Schedule

The schedule of hearings and trials for the court are as follows:


9:00am: Initial and review hearings on criminal misdemeanor cases

1:00pm: Pre-trial Conferences and trials


1:00pm: Disposition hearings and trials on criminal misdemeanor cases


1:00pm: Probation review hearings, infraction trials, and initial hearings and fact finding hearings on petitions for revocation of probation.


1:00pm: Pretrial conferences on criminal misdemeanor cases


1:30pm: Appearance date to admit or deny allegations on traffic tickets in the Muncie City Clerk’s office

Diversion Program

The State of Indiana offers diversion on state infractions and criminal misdemeanors. If you are interested in the Infraction diversion program please contact the Delaware County Prosecutor’s Office at 765-747-7801. If you have a criminal misdemeanor and you are interested in the diversion program, please have your attorney contact the Delaware County Prosecutor’s Office.

Muncie City Courts
Muncie City Hall
300 North High Street
Muncie, IN 47305
8am - 4pm (M-F)

With the Gas Boom came the Ball Brothers, a family rooted at the heart of Muncie development. The Ball Brothers are known for bringing Ball Corporation to Muncie, funding local businesses and serving the community with philanthropical acts.

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Office of the Mayor
The Honorable Daniel Ridenour

Muncie City Hall
Third Floor
300 N High Street
Muncie, IN 47305
(765) 747-4845
8am - 4pm (M-F)