When to get permits in the City of Muncie

Permits are to be obtained from the Building Commissioner's Office PRIOR to the following: 

Building Permits
The construction of new structures, mobile homes, modular homes, and accessory structures of more than 200 square feet.
Installation and replacement of roofing (sheeting/wood), additions to any existing structure, repair/replacement of existing material (interior or exterior), alterations requiring structural change, and moving buildings. 

Certificate of Occupancy 
The use of a building for business/commercial purposes prior to opening for business. 

Demolition Permits 
Demolition and partial demolition of any structure. 

Electrical Permits
Any installation, replacement, alteration, addition, and repair of the system. 

Fire Suppression/Alarm System
Any installation, alteration, replacement, and extension of a fire suppression and alarm system. 

Grease Trap/Interceptor/Converter
Grease traps required for any project pertaining to grease, oil, etc.  

Heating and Air Conditioning Permits 
Any installation, retrofitting, alteration, extension, repair, and replacement of any existing HVAC system. 

Occupancy Permits 
Upon the completion of construction, alteration, repair, and addition of any multi-unit, commercial, institutional, school, church, and industrial structures. 

Plumbing Permits
Any installation, replacement, alteration, and addition to residential and commercial plumbing. 

Water Heater
Installation of new water heater. 

Sewer Tap
Installation of new sewer taps and replacement of existing taps.

Any installation, repair, reface, alteration, and replacement of signs and advertisements requires a sign permit.
Any banner, arrow sign, etc. requires permits also. 

Swimming Pools
The installation of above ground and inground pools.

Temporary Structures
The useage of construction trailers, tents, and other structures used for temporary projects. 

Sewer taps and grease traps permits are given through the cit

Miscellaneous Requirements
Fences – for height restrictions and information regarding location by right-of-way, contact the office. 

Please contact the Building Commissioner's Office with any questions you may have.

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