Prohibited Street Trees in Muncie

Prohibited Street Trees

Muncie Urban Forestry Program
City of Muncie, Indiana
June 25, 2010


Arborvitae (Thuja spp.)

Ash (Fraxinus spp.)

Aspen (Populus tremuloides)

Boxelder maple (Acer negundo)

Bradford pear (Pyrus calleryana cv. Bradford)

Buckthorn (Rhamnus cathartica)

Cottonwood (Populus deltoides)

Elm, Siberian -Chinese (Ulmu pumila)

Fir (Abies spp.)

Juniper (Juniperus spp.)

Mulberry (Morus spp.)

Osage orange (Maclura pomifera) 

Pine (Pinus spp.)

Poplar (Populus spp.)

Russian Olive (Elaegnus angustifolia)

Silver Maple (Acer saccarinum)

Tree of heaven (Ailanthus ailanthus)

Weeping willow (Salix spp.)

With the Gas Boom came the Ball Brothers, a family rooted at the heart of Muncie development. The Ball Brothers are known for bringing Ball Corporation to Muncie, funding local businesses and serving the community with philanthropical acts.

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