Riverview Park in Muncie

Located adjacent to Bunch Blvd. and Carver Dr., Riverview Park serves the Whitely Neighborhood. The park is bounded by Bunch Blvd., White River Park/the White River Greenway and the White River to the west, Carver Dr. to the north, Faulkner Dr. and residential properties establish the eastern boundary and Holt ditch and a railroad to the south. A small baseball diamond and openspace offer space for spontaneous play. The park also provides a picnic shelter and picnic table, a basketball court, two half courts, benches, playground equipment, a port-a-pot, and a bike rack. The park has a small parking area near the courts accessible off Bunch Blvd. In the last 5 years White River Park/the White River Greenway was extended past this park. This created a connection for this park to the Craddock Wetland Preserve that is just south of the railroad as well as multiple parks along the river to the west including McCulloch Park, Appeal to the Great Spirit, Tuhey Park and Westside Park.

Located at:
Corner of Bunch Rd. & E. Faulkner Dr.
Muncie, IN 47303

It is said that John Dillinger, the infamous bank robber passed through Muncie in July of 1933. He did not rob any banks here because he was afraid of a train hindering his getaway plan.

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