Urban Forestry Board in Muncie

Muncie Urban Forestry Board
Information about the Board


  • 2nd Thursday of every month at 3:00pm
  • Located at the Mayor's Conference Room


  1. Three (3) members shall be appointed by Community Enhancement Projects, Inc.
  2. One (1) member appointed by Muncie Clean and Beautiful.
  3. Three (3) members at large shall be appointed by the Mayor of Muncie.
  4. Two (2) members shall be appointed by the Mayor to represent the City of Muncie Department of Public Works and the Muncie Parks and Recreation Department. 


Each member will serve for a three-year term or until such member no longer represents the entity from which he was appointed or until the appointing official or group elects to replace such person, and no more than four (4) members' terms will normally expire at the end of any one calendar year.

Board Member Information

First Name Last Name Position Appointed By
Jason Donati Muncie Delaware Clean and Beautiful Rep MDCB
Harvey Wright Muncie Parks Department Rep Mayor
Donnie Wright Department of Public Works Rep Mayor
Michael O'Donnell At-Large Mayor
Candace Kindt At-Large Mayor
Brad King At-Large Mayor
Judy Campbell Community Enhancement Project Rep CEP
Jim Wingate Community Enhancement Project Rep CEP
Mike Planton Community Enhancement Project Rep CEP
Kellie McClellan Urban Forester/Ex Officio Position

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