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Weed and Seed Muncie Neighborhood Survey
The questionnaire for this survey was designed by the BBC Fellow Project for Muncie Weed and Seed in the Spring Semester of 2010. The 2010 BBC fellows were Yves Ambroise, Elizabeth Burdette, Rachel Churchill, Nicholas Collier, Blake Graham, Chad Hoien, Ariel Lawburgh, Ricardo Lopez-Fajardo, Charity Mansfield, Kelley Veneskey, and Brian Wright. Nicole Koehler, who was Dr. McKean's Graduate Assistant, was also instrumental in the design of the survey....
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Weed and Seed Neighborhood Survey Steering
Weed and Seed Neighborhood Survey (Powerpoint slides)
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It is said that John Dillinger, the infamous bank robber passed through Muncie in July of 1933. He did not rob any banks here because he was afraid of a train hindering his getaway plan.

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Office of the Mayor
The Honorable Dennis Tyler

Muncie City Hall
Third Floor
300 N High Street
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