1. How can I pay my ticket?

You may pay by certified check, cashier’s check, or money order and mail your paymentto the Court.

You may pay by certified check, cashier’s check, money order, or cash at the Clerk’s office in Muncie City Hall

You may pay by credit/debit card online at https://public.courts.in.gov/pay.

2. How can I find out what I owe?

There is an infraction price list located on our webpage. If you have your ticket or cause number we will be happy to help you over the phone as well at (765)747-4831. Please call during business hours Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

3. Where are you located? Where do I pay my ticket in person?

The Muncie City Clerk’s office is located on the first floor of Muncie City Hall at 300 North High Street Muncie, IN 47305.

4. Do you accept personal checks?

No. We will accept certified checks, cashier’s checks, money order by mail. Cash payments will be accepted, if tendered directly to the Clerk’s Office.

5. Do you accept credit card and debit cards?

Yes. You can pay online with your credit/debit card.

To pay online, visit: https://public.courts.in.gov/pay

You will need your ticket number or cause number to complete the payment transaction.

6. Is there an after hours drop box for ticket payments?

Not at this time. We are considering how this option may be used in the future. However, currently, there is no method to make after-hours payments.

7. Can I mail in my payment?

Yes. The Clerks mailing address is:
Muncie City Clerk
300 N. High Street
Muncie, IN 47305

Please do not mail cash, you must also sign your ticket and check off the box marked “Admission of Guilt.” Tickets will be sent back and not accepted if this box is not marked and signed.

8.Can I pay for my ticket online?

Yes. To pay online, visit: https://public.courts.in.gov/pay

You will need your ticket number or cause number to complete the payment transaction.

9. When is my payment due?

The issuing officer wrote a court date at the bottom of your ticket. If you are not required to attend your court date, and if you do not wish to contest the ticket in Court, you must pay your ticket on or before this court date.

10. Do I have to come to court?

If your ticket is a simple traffic infraction, you do not need to come to court. However, you do need to pay your fine by this time.

If your ticket is considered a misdemeanor, you will receive a summons one month prior to your court date. Any questions, please feel free to contact the Clerk’s office.

11. Can I request a trial?

Yes, you have the right to a trial at which the issuing Officer would be present. You may bring any witnesses or evidence to the trial.

12. If I come to court, do I have to pay my fine that day? Can I set up a payment plan?

No. We do not accept partial payments, but the Court can give you time to make your full payment at a later date.

13.What is the penalty for missing a court date and not paying?

There is a $25 late fee for all tickets not paid by the appearance date at the bottom of your ticket. If you fail to pay the fines or fail to appear in the Clerk’s office, the City Court will notify the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) to suspend your driver’s license. The next notice you will receive will be from the BMV notifying you of the suspension of your driving privileges.

14. If I pay my ticket, will I get points on my driving record?

Yes, if your ticket was for a moving violation, such as Speeding or Unsafe Lane Change. The points will be part of your driving record for two years. If your ticket was for a non-moving violation, such as Expired License Plate, then no, you will not get points on your license.

15.How many points am I allowed on my license?

The (BMV) allows 16 points to accumulate on an individual driving record over a two-year period. If you have more than 16 points, the BMV will suspend your license and order you to attend an administrative hearing about your driving record.

A listing of the points assigned to some violations is provided below. A complete listing is available from the BMV.

Driver’s License Point Assessment

Disregarding Automatic Signal 4
Disregarding Stop Sign 6
Disregarding Traffic Control Device 6
Driving While Suspended 8
Failure to Yield Right-of-Way 6
Failure to Yield to Emergency Vehicle 8
Improper Turn 4
Improper Lane Usage 4
No Proof of Financial Responsibility 2
Speeding (1-15 MPH over) 2
Speeding (16-25 MPH over) 4
Speeding (+ 26 MPH over) 6
Wrong Way on a One Way 4

Points remain active on your license for two years.

You are allowed to accumulate 16 active points over a two-year period.

16. Can I take a defensive driving class instead of paying my ticket?

No. If you wish to pay your ticket prior to your court date, and then take a defensive driving class to get credit toward the points on your license, you can call the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles at (317) 233-6000.

The Defensive Driving Course will give you credit for 4 points on your license. You can only take a Defensive Driving Course once every 3 years.

If you are convicted of two traffic violations in a twelve (12) month period of time, the BMV will require you to attend a defensive driving course. Your failure to attend a course as required will result in your license being suspended.

17. Do you have a diversion or deferral program?

No, the Clerk’s office does not have a diversion or deferral program. However, the Prosecutor’s Office does have a diversion and a deferral program for misdemeanors and infractions. You should contact the deferral program coordinators at least three weeks before your first court appearance.

If you wish to avoid getting points on your license, and to see if you are eligible to enter into one of the following programs, you will have to contact the Delaware County Prosecutor’s Office by calling (765) 747-7801 (prompt 2) or visiting their website. www.co.delaware.in.us.

18. How many points do I have on my license currently?

The Clerk’s office does not have that information. You can call the BMV at (888) 692-6841 with any questions about your driving record.

19. I got a notice from the BMV that my license is suspended. What do I need to do to get it reinstated?

If you Fail To Pay your ticket or Fail To Appear in Court, the Clerk’s office will notify the BMV to suspend your driving privileges. To find out how much you owe at this point, you can call the City Clerk’s office at (765)747-4831.

You may pay in person or by mail. Once the City Court receives your payment, we will electronically submit the SR16, the Certification of Indiana Abstract of Court Record, reporting your payment to the BMV the same day.

If you were suspended for Failure to Pay, it may take up to 10 working days to reinstate your license.