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About This Location

Located on the southeast side of the High St. bridge in the Old West End Neighborhood, Riverbend Park serves as a gateway to downtown Muncie. Designed by Rundell Ernstberger Associates, this park was dedicated on December 9th, 1998. The sculpture “Night Song”, by the artist Joe Beeler, is centrally located upon a decorative platform in the park. The platform is decorated with a relief depicting the courting practices of Native Americans that once inhabited this area. Encircled with a sidewalk, four ornamental trees share the interior of the circle with the sculpture. The sidewalk is lined with 6 benches, each backed with a trellis. The front of the park is covered with prairie grasses, with decorative trees and ground cover encompassing the north and south sections of the triangular parcel. The park has a backdrop of arborvitae, screening a large parking lot to the east. The park has a Murdock water fountain.


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