Q: Where can I find the list of currently available properties?

You can find a list of currently available properties by contacting Zane Bishop:  zbishop@cityofmuncie.com

Q: Are these Residential Program properties only for homeowners?

Yes. Fifty percent of all housing units in Muncie are rentals. We are encouraging and promoting homeowner-occupied units.

Q: How much do these properties cost?

Properties vary in price, but the minimum Muncie Redevelopment Commission (MRC) will accept for a Residential property is $2500. This cost covers the money invested in the property, such as appraisals, legal notices, legal fees, and mowing.

Q: I am interested in acquiring a property. What should I do first?

First, look through MRC’s Policy & Procedure Manual to find more information on available programs, how they work, and their requirements. Second, look at our map of available properties. Third, fill-out the appropriate application.

Please contact Zane Bishop, Residential Program Administrator, if you have any questions or would like to visit a property.

Q: How does the MRC acquire properties?

A majority of MRC’s properties are acquired through the Delaware County Tax Sale, as assigned by the Delaware County Commissioners.

Q: I have a property I don’t want anymore. Can I donate it to the MRC?

Depending on the condition, location, and type of property, the MRC may be interested in acquiring your property. Please contact Zane Bishop, Residential Program Administrator, for more information.